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Cross RC 1/8th scale EMO X RTR crawling truck.

Features include.

  • 4X4 drive system with optimized motor, 2 speed transmission with metal gears, CVD drive shafts, metal u-joints with strengthened nylon sliders.
  • Adjustable slipper clutch, strengthened 60t spur gear and 20t metal pinion, final drive ratio 17.8 (high speed) 38.9 (low speed), all metal transmission gears, Cross RC 25t high torque brushed motor.
  • Cross RC Talon 136X55 R2.2 high performance crawler tires, 2.2″ bead lock wheels.
  • Precision aluminum alloy coil over shock absorbers with threaded adjusters.
  • EMO X portal axles with durable nylon housing and metal internal gears, front and rear differential locks.
  • 375mm wheelbase, solid axle suspension system, stainless steel link rods, front panhard bar, rear 4 link and rear balance bar.
  • Multi mode led lighting system.
  • 6 channel 2.4g transmitter & receiver, Hobbywing® WP-880 brushed waterproof speed control, DS-R003C digital steering servo, SO11M digital servo for differentials and 2 speed.
  • Batteries and charger not included.

Key features

  • High-quality Finished Body
  • High power LED with strobe and flash mode
  • Front and rear adjustable upper fulcrum
  • Axle High-strength nylon door bridge
  • Hub lightweight nylon clip tire wheels

The Rhino EMO X uses the appearance of a classic hard off-road vehicle, with a competitive style of modification, with a simulated racing driver, a hidden shell buckle, a full-size spare tire, tough and aggressive. The shell is made of high-quality thickened PC materials. The vehicle is standard equipped with a cool flash lighting system independently controlled by a single channel, which is a single bright, full bright, flash and flash switch.

Front-facing, low-center-of-gravity performance chassis

The Rhino EMO X still adheres to the low center of gravity layout, but this time the battery is at the forefront, as long as the size of the battery is changed, the climbing characteristics can be changed. Various upgrades such as unsprung counterweights will be released in succession, so that everyone can adjust vehicle characteristics more simply and professionally.

Newly designed rear axle balance link

During the control process of climbing car, such as rushing up a slope to pull ash or continuous sharp steering, the ball head of the rear axle tie rod will be subjected to a large lateral force, which may cause the ball head to be buckled or even broken. Rhino EMO X is equipped with a rear axle balance link as standard, which is used to absorb and decompose the lateral impact force on the rear axle, effectively protect the suspension link mechanism, and ensure that the rear axle is not affected by twisting of the rear axle through the mutual rotation of the axes. And compared with the unilateral thrust rod, there will be no unilateral deviation of the rear axle.

Strengthened structure and thickened axle

With the diversified development of climbing car gameplay, Rhino EMO X newly designed front and rear axles with strengthened structures. The door side deceleration components are installed with cross-section screws to ensure that they will not be damaged under high torque conditions. The tie rod seat is made of integral molding, which is stronger than the post-mounted tie rod seat, and will not break the tie rod seat due to twisting or overturning. The new axle continues to retain the 8-degree kingpin caster, which improves the road feel and improve the efficiency of the steering servo, making the control more precise and delicate, the front and rear power input shafts are raised by 10 degrees, so that the angle of transmission shaft is smaller, which can be obviously offset the tension of the steering wheel. The non-uniform velocity effect of the knuckles improves driving confort and reduces mechanical wear.